Monday, April 10, 2017

National History Day Reflection

     The topic that our group (Kyle Schubick, Sam Leahy, Chance Swan, and Kevin Kretz) researched for National History Day was the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. The plot was about a group of Roman Catholics who felt oppressed by the government of their country. Because of this, the group of Roman Catholics led by Robert Catesby planned an attack on the British parliament that would end up being discovered and would never happen to the full effect. We chose to present our research in the form of a website because we all had prior knowledge about websites as well as having very good computer skills. We used Weebly to create our website as that was the tool provided by NHD.
     I agree with what the judges said about our project. The main response they had that I agreed with was when they said, "Your topic was very original." I agreed with this because well, it was! It was something almost no one had ever heard of which gave us an opportunity to teach them about something new. I also agree with when the judges called our project "phenomenal" because we worked very hard on the project to work it to perfection. I believe that the work we put into the project deserved the comment very well.
     The most interesting thing I learned about the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was that the plan backfired due to one single letter sent to a member of Parliament. The letter was called the Lord Monteagle Letter because it was sent to Lord Monteagle who was a brother-in-law to Francis Tresham. It was interesting to me because I didn't expect one little betrayal could end a complete 2-year plan.
     The hardest part about the project was finding primary sources about the event. The event happened a couple hundred years ago and not many sources were available for us to find. The ones we did find however were very important to our website including the Monteagle Letter and the Guy Fawkes signatures before and after torture. The hardest part about the project was finding primary sources.
     I improved as a learner during the project because of how uneasy it was for us to find information about our topic. Along with that, the information that we did find was very complexly written and was hard to understand so we had to read it very carefully. This helped me improve as a learner because I learned to decode old documents into a way that people today can better understand. I also improved as a learner because this was the first project that I really had to work for and was long-term. That is how I improved as a learner during this project.
     The only way I believe we could improve our project is by adding more quotes and more pictures. The information on our site is above par in my opinion, but the primary resources that show such as pictures and quotes are not. The only way we can improve our website is by adding lots of new quotes to the site on each page to coincide with the text.
     The thing I am most proud of when it comes to the whole experience of the project is the way we worked together as a team in the interview room. Going into it we had no preparation at all for what we were about to do, and the way we pulled it off and knew all the little facts and details without having to read the computer screen showed that the research and work we had put in really paid off in the long run. It also showed that we could adapt to situations very quickly as well as work as a team. Leaving the interview room after our presentation and project in general being described as, "phenomenal" is the thing I am most proud of.

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