Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Ginormous GOAL Reflection

     My image of greatness was Bobby Fischer. Bobby Fischer is an image of greatness because he brought popularity to the game of chess, was a genius, and broke lots of records in his time playing chess. The thing I admire most about Bobby Fischer is how confident he always was. No matter what task he was faced with, he was able to obtain the confidence to overcome it with ease. Bobby Fischer was a true image of greatness in my opinion.
     Out of the entire unit, the part that makes me most proud was being able to memorize my bio riddle. When I got onto stage and was able to repeat the entire dang thing I was in awe! I believe I did it very well and had good enthusiasm. Pubic speaking is a sort of difficult thing for me, so being able to do it so well after practicing made me very proud. The other thing I was most proud of was of how everybody presented their bio riddle and board so well. It felt amazing to see the rest of my classmates succeeding and having an awesome project.
     The most challenging part of the unit for me was probably writing the essay about our person. I say this because it was the part of the unit that took the longest time to complete. It took a lot of time to complete because of how much research we had done on our people. We wanted to make our essays perfect so that if anybody at the event wanted to read them, they would have a great time reading it and not be so bored. However at the event, no one ended up reading my essay so I was sad.
     I believe I grew as a presenter, student, and learner during this project. I believe I grew as a presenter because I learned that it is impossible to put every little bit of information into a project. No matter how interesting the facts may be. I grew as a student during this unit because I found out that there is so much to learn about that we would never know if this class didn't happen. School only covers basics and things that we may or may not use, but this class showed me there are far many things to learn beyond what the common core tells us we must know. I grew as a learner during this project by finding productive research strategies to use to find my information. This will help me in high school, college, and even beyond in the work place because I now know the best ways to find information which is amazing. That is what this unit helped me improve on.
     I could improve my work on this unit by becoming a better scissor user. I feel like the major downside of my display board was how awfully the facts and pages were cut out. I'm not a very professional cutter so this was one of my hardships during the project. It made me angry, but I think that's the biggest problem that I would want to fix for this project.
     The best part of the actual image of greatness celebration was being able to hangout with the people we've been together with for four years. We were all able to come together at one place and present a project we had worked on for the entire quarter. We were all so proud of ourselves, others, and Mrs. Edlin for somehow being able to coach us through all of it. No matter what went wrong during the project, all of us persevered. The feeling when we had all finished was absolutely amazing and it couldn't have been any better.

     To sort of put an end to the IOG unit, the class went on an overnight field trip to Des Moines. In Des Moines, we explored the museums, World Food Prize, and visited some artwork around town. The entire trip was a lot of fun, and here is some of my thoughts on the trip.
     My favorite educational part of the field trip was visiting the art museum. The art museum was a lot of fun for all of us, and we got to see a lot of artwork from famous artists like, Pablo Picasso. We got to see a lot of cool exhibits including a mother spitting on a son. Almost all of the art there was abstract and it required us to think about the meaning of the art work which was very cool in my opinion. We had our laughs at the museum, learned our material, and the museum helped us better understand the meaning of art which was in my opinion very important for us to know.
     The part of the field trip where I learned the most was probably visiting the World Food Prize. While we were there I learned a whole lot about people who helped save more people that I didn't know about. For example, Normal Borlaug and how he saved a billion lives by spreading wheat to places that didn't have food. Also how Normal Borlaug helped a little girl who would end up saving lives and winning the World Food Prize. The entire experience was pretty boring, but I definitely learned the most there.
     The part about the trip that surprised me was probably the iMax theatre. The name of it sounded very boring and I didn't expect much out of it. However, when we ended up there it was super inspiring. The iMax experience was breathtaking because of how large the screens were.
     When we were at the art museum, we had to take notes on an artwork that was, "Why is this art?". The one that I chose was a red box with two white boxes inside of it. It was really weird, and I didn't understand it well to be honest. I still don't to this day. I'm sure it has a reason, but without context I couldn't see how it was art.
     We did break out of our breakout room, but last second. We worked together to find clues, and somehow was able to get it. It was a very fun experience and we ended up using all of our clues. It was also very stressful because we had a very confusing controller.
     The most fun part of the trip was probably staying at the hotel. We all got to know each other a little bit better and we had so many new memories made there. We were up late listening to Sam blasting a Netflix show on his speaker which was tremendous. Not. Yana was screaming the entire time, but it wasn't as bad as you would expect.
     The best part of GOAL was the independence we got to feel in Middle School. We were able to choose what we wanted to learn, and when we wanted to learn it. Another good part about GOAL was being able to create so many new memories with so many new people. GOAL was absolutely amazing.
     To succeed in GOAL, don't make Mrs. Edlin mad.
     I am warning all of you reading this, for the love of god, please do not wait till last minute to create your bio riddle. Like Sam. Also, make sure to dress up for National History Day. Unlike Sam.
     You guys should definitely be excited about Images of Greatness. It's a fun experience that helps finish off your Middle School experience. It makes you think about all of the times you had in GOAL, and all of the friends you made throughout all the years.
     The thing I am going to miss the most about GOAL is Mrs. Edlin. She is the best teacher I've ever had and she always believed in you no matter what. Mrs. Edlin is a true image of greatness.

  i love all of you :(
 i'm going to miss you guys :/
  i hope we can all stay close in high school :)

Monday, April 10, 2017

National History Day Reflection

     The topic that our group (Kyle Schubick, Sam Leahy, Chance Swan, and Kevin Kretz) researched for National History Day was the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. The plot was about a group of Roman Catholics who felt oppressed by the government of their country. Because of this, the group of Roman Catholics led by Robert Catesby planned an attack on the British parliament that would end up being discovered and would never happen to the full effect. We chose to present our research in the form of a website because we all had prior knowledge about websites as well as having very good computer skills. We used Weebly to create our website as that was the tool provided by NHD.
     I agree with what the judges said about our project. The main response they had that I agreed with was when they said, "Your topic was very original." I agreed with this because well, it was! It was something almost no one had ever heard of which gave us an opportunity to teach them about something new. I also agree with when the judges called our project "phenomenal" because we worked very hard on the project to work it to perfection. I believe that the work we put into the project deserved the comment very well.
     The most interesting thing I learned about the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was that the plan backfired due to one single letter sent to a member of Parliament. The letter was called the Lord Monteagle Letter because it was sent to Lord Monteagle who was a brother-in-law to Francis Tresham. It was interesting to me because I didn't expect one little betrayal could end a complete 2-year plan.
     The hardest part about the project was finding primary sources about the event. The event happened a couple hundred years ago and not many sources were available for us to find. The ones we did find however were very important to our website including the Monteagle Letter and the Guy Fawkes signatures before and after torture. The hardest part about the project was finding primary sources.
     I improved as a learner during the project because of how uneasy it was for us to find information about our topic. Along with that, the information that we did find was very complexly written and was hard to understand so we had to read it very carefully. This helped me improve as a learner because I learned to decode old documents into a way that people today can better understand. I also improved as a learner because this was the first project that I really had to work for and was long-term. That is how I improved as a learner during this project.
     The only way I believe we could improve our project is by adding more quotes and more pictures. The information on our site is above par in my opinion, but the primary resources that show such as pictures and quotes are not. The only way we can improve our website is by adding lots of new quotes to the site on each page to coincide with the text.
     The thing I am most proud of when it comes to the whole experience of the project is the way we worked together as a team in the interview room. Going into it we had no preparation at all for what we were about to do, and the way we pulled it off and knew all the little facts and details without having to read the computer screen showed that the research and work we had put in really paid off in the long run. It also showed that we could adapt to situations very quickly as well as work as a team. Leaving the interview room after our presentation and project in general being described as, "phenomenal" is the thing I am most proud of.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

          My name is Kyle and the topic that I researched for my Independent Project was 9/11 Conspiracy Theories. Basically, I just took a few theories and found both sides of them and put the information into a google slides presentation. I added pictures and text, made a script, and that was my project!
          I think what I liked most about my project was probably the theories I did. I tried to find some theories about 9/11 that a lot of people wouldn't know about, and especially find facts that no one else would have probably heard. I learned a whole lot about what really went on, and the facts I learned about the conspiracies truly made me question what the government was telling us....
          The hardest part about this project was finding the dang facts! There was so many pages filled with tons and tons of information but most of it wasn't viable because it wasn't a true source. So, I had to research into the site, find out where they found their information, then somehow try to get what they got out of the sources that were used to make the unviable web page. Man it was such a freaking pain! But in the end, I found some facts and I made my presentation so that's all that matters.
          I believe I improved as a learner during this project because I actually struggled to learn. It's not all that often that I have to work to find something, or to understand something, but this project was my hurdle for that. It made me realize not everything is going to be as easy as cake and that some information actually took some work to get across! I thought finding facts was going to be fairly easy as it had been with my past projects, but oh boy was I wrong! Anyways, I actually felt like I had gained skills from doing this project which is awesome.
          If I could redo my entire project, I would start by managing my time a little better. I didn't use my in-class time ALL that well, I'd say 90% I was focused and 10% I wasn't. Another thing I would change is I would find and research one more conspiracy so that I could have a bit of a longer presentation. The last thing I would do if I had another chance was read over my script in correlation to the slides. What happened was my slides weren't in order with the text on my script so I kind of had to wing it. I went without the script and I did okayyyyyy, but it wasn't necessarily a smooth ride.
          There's one suggestion I have to improve the Independent Project assignment and that is to maybe give us a little more time. I felt a bit rushed during the assignment and it might have just been me, but if I had a little more time I feel like my project could've been improved so much more.
          Anyways, I had a lot of fun making and presenting my project and I'm glad I got to share this reflection with all of you blogger users! Have a mighty fine day!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

     Hi Blogger users! Today I am going to be writing about my reflection on our entire Shakespeare unit that we did in GOAL class. I hope you enjoy and I think we'll both have some fun!
     My feelings most definitely changed throughout the unit. My initial thought was, "Shakespeare? Ugh, boring." But then, we started to talk about a field trip and I got a little happier. Next, we took part in the Shakespeare death scenes and that was a crap load of fun! We got to learn about Shakespeare and die at the same time! We also did the insults which were down-right HILARIOUS! They were just a bunch of crazy words half of we didn't know! Then we started to read, which kind of brought the hype down at first, but once we really got into it I had a lot of fun. To top it all off, the field trip was amazing! Our tour guide Dr. Kennedy was very enthusiastic and funny and made it a lot of fun. Wow, quite a roller coaster this unit was!
     In The Taming of the Shrew I honestly don't know whether or not Kate was tamed because there's facts going both ways. Some things that support the fact she was tamed, was she didn't seem sarcastic in the words she used during the final speech. Petruchio it seemed tried to catch her messing up so he would know she wasn't fully tamed but he stopped doing that later on which maybe meant he KNEW she was tamed. Because, a smart man like him would not stop until he was 100% sure she was tamed. One of the arguments was the sun and moon argument. Also, we'd like to think she was tamed but this was WAYY back then and giving a female lead was crazy, but then also having her win? I feel like we've given that story a little more credit then it deserves. There's also things that supports she wasn't tamed. Like the fact that since she was stuck in that situation she might as well make the best of it and be good to her husband. On the other hand though, maybe we didn't give Shakespeare enough credit because the fact he has us typing about this write now is crazy... Over 400 years later and we still can't solve this!
     Shakespeare's first folio was very important because it was a milestone as the first time ALL of his plays were put together except for one. Dr. Kennedy talked about how rare these are, and how they're over $6,000,000 dollars if you wanted one. There's 234 known copies and they're very convenient. Before the folio, they would have to buy the plays individually and then have them put together which was an awful pain to have to do. It's rumored that 750 exist but many have not been found. It also gives us a sense of how things were done back then which is really cool.
     The death scenes and insults we did really helped my confidence with Shakespeare. It helped me understand that it's not always super duper boring and sometimes actually enjoyable. It also helped me learn a lot about the words and pronunciations of them. It was also a good time walking down the hallways yelling Shakespearian insults at each other. Never a dull moment. We even heard some of the insults in the movie and scripts we read which really gave us a connection we could understand.
     It is still important to learn about Shakespeare 400 years after his death because he's super important in modern literature. He created a bunch of everyday words like savage! Also, all his writings are still relevant in today's society. It's like he wrote into the future because things that happened in his plays still happen today! If Shakespeare hadn't existed most of the books you read would be completely different and no where close to what they are now. Shakespeare is the god of literature in some ways. He created words and wrote stories that remain relevant over 400 years later.
     Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my Shakespearian experience!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016-2017 First Blog Post

Well, well, well. Welcome back new school year. I'm excited although you should not be! Today I will be setting goals on how I want to do in order to accomplish you. I will be setting a personal behavior goal, academic goal, and improvement goal. So, prepare yourself because here is what you're going to be facing off against! My academic goal for this year if to have a 4.0 GPA all 4 quarters. I had it last year, and I truly believe I can accomplish this goal. This is an important goal because everyone should strive to get good grades. I want to continue my streak of good grades as it makes me happy and proud of myself. Striving to do well academically is an important key to success as you know what you're working towards. My personal behavior goal is to STOP TALKING SO MUCH! I feel like I talked a little bit too much last year and I hope I can calm that down a little bit this year. It will help me focus better and help me work towards my other goals like reaching 4.0 GPA all year! Talking less would make me a lot less of a nuisance which I would enjoy! I feel like this goal is important to me as growing as a civilized human. If I'm talking 24/7 then I don't give others much room to talk and then I don't hear any other great ideas! My personal goal this year is to do better in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and hopefully make moves into joining the professional scene. I plan on putting countless hours into it to help achieve this goal. I want this to be my future so that is why it's important I set a goal. Setting this goal will help me think of this everyday and remember why I started; working to do what I love. Well, those are my 3 goals and why I think they're important. Get ready school year, Kyle Schubick is hot on your trail!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Breakout Box Reflection

To define a breakout box, I would say it is a riddle-like box with however many number of locks that have clues to go along with them to help them break into the box! Most of the time it is based around a certain topic that the creator chose to create the box about. If someone had randomly walked up to me on the street and asked me what a breakout box was I would say, "Well, I'm glad you asked! Breakout boxes are a brand new way to promote learning, teamwork, creativity, and smarts in the classroom. You have a box, a bunch of locks, clues to go with the locks, and a topic to base it around! Then, you let the kids at it using anything they want like computers, phones, or even books located in the classroom. It's a very open-ended thing and brand new boxes are being created everyday!" You may be asking yourself, "Hey, I want to try one of these! Am I qualified?" Well, in my opinion here's the skills you must possess to properly complete a breakout box. Honestly, the biggest skill you will need to have is teamwork. If you're working on a clue and you think you have something, you need to communicate and tell the other people, because maybe you're onto the clue but another person may have another piece to connect with it. Almost like a puzzle! Working together is the biggest part of a breakout box. Another thing you must be able to do is technology skills. If you're doing a breakout box on a topic you're not familiar with you should be able to google/search a question with correct wording. Searching certain things will find you certain things and those THINGS are very important. I would know. Trust me. Okay, the second most important, probably.... Okay, second most important is THINK SIMPLE! So many people will overthink the question when it's really very simple! Be able to calm yourself down and have a careful look on what it's asking. Some people I know are not very good at that. Not going to mention any names.. So, if you think you have any or all of those skills I think you may just be ready to complete the box! Now that you've completed one breakout box, maybe several, maybe hundreds, or perhaps MILLIONS and you think you're ready to create your own, here are the skills I think you might need. So, I've created a breakout box and it is not the simplest thing and just like completing a breakout box, teamwork is important (if you're making it with a team). If you're creating a breakout box with a team it is important to be on the same page about the topic. Do some research with the team about your topic and think of some good clues and connecting clues. Talking to your team is vital to creating a good breakout box. Another skill you will need to have is the fact of thinking of how other people will perceive your box! Because what may be easy to you may be hard to you! You need to make sure that your box can be un-lockable. The things that went well with our box was that the other people actually figured out a few locks! The ones that we had assumed were going to be easy to unlock ended up, as expected, very easy to unlock. I felt like it the flow of it was really good and they got stuck at a few ones we had that were hard but they eventually figured it out. Also, they enjoyed our prize which also went well! Okay, some of the challenges they faced were COMPLETELY unexpected. For example, they were all looking in a 2 ft radius trying to find a little black box and they couldn't see anything at all! It was horrible as we just wanted to tell them so badly! I think the reason for this was just their lack of vagueness or the fact it was under one of the desks, and they had no idea but I can't really say. Another thing was one of our clues that said "Started From The Bottom Now We're Here. Number Wise". The number wise part was kind of a last minute clue due to the directional lock being broken so we made it on a number lock with the code 0-9-0-9. I think they just WAYYY overthought the situation which I can understand because I would not have understood it either. Some things we understand, they probably don't! I think a good breakout box topic would be "Topics Learned Throughout The School Year". I feel like it would give us a time to reflect on our school year while also completing a breakoutbox with things WE were taught! I think that would be the best topic ever. Well, that was my reflection on breakout boxes and what skills I think you might need to complete/build one. Have a great rest of your day!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hannibal Reflection | Mark Twain Unit

Hello fellow user of the internet! My class and I started a unit about Mark Twain a little over a month ago. We all had certain jobs where we had to find certain information and answer questions about Mark Twain and his life. We made a presentation and watched a documentary. Although, since his childhood home and town was only 2 hours away from where we live, we decided we needed the real deal. We took the two hour bus ride to Hannibal, Missouri where our first stop was a museum where we saw a replica of Mark Twain's house and Tom Blankenship's house. After an overly extended visit to the gift shop we moved on to another museum that talked a lot about his books such as Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. We got dressed up in some outfits, honked a steamboat horn, and rode a "raft". Then, we took a trolly where our tour guide took us around the town and showed us certain points of interest that were interesting to know. After the trolly, we took a bus over to the caves! We took a tour through the caves and it was a bit cold but very fun. Next thing we did was bus over to the light house where we made the long-yearned trek up 244 stairs! After then we ended the day with some ice cream and well, crickets (Alex xD). The most educational part of the trip to me was easily the first museum we visited (Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum). It gave us a backbone for the trip almost providing us another overview of Twain's life. I learned things such as the real story behind Injun Joe and that he wasn't really a bad person. I also learned how lots of stories in his books came from actual events in Twain or his friend's lives. It also gave us a more variety of information throughout his earlier life which led up to other events that we'd later learn about. The most fun part of our Hannibal trip was probably the caves. It was amazing because we were lucky enough to have the best tour guide (Jordan). We got to have awesome detailed stories about Jessie and his gang and how all the kids would run around and play! It was fun because Jordan had enthusiasm and he taught well and knew his way around. It was also good because we didn't get lost! We also learned about the scientist and his dead daughter who he trapped in the cave and the kids who scared the littler kids! That was the most fun part. Honestly, there's nothing I would've done to improve the trip. Right now I think the timings are almost perfectly and we move around a good amount. I feel like our lunch was at a perfect time being right before our cave trip. The museums and places we visited were very informational and doesn't really need to be changed all that much in my opinion. I feel like I learned a lot and benefited from the trip in general. There is nothing I would change to improve the trip for next year! It definitely helped me prepare for the trip. I feel like if I didn't learn about Mark Twain before it, hold up I KNOW if I didn't learn about him before hand I would've looked like a complete idiot! But because I learned about Mark Twain I was able to know the back stories on some things that we learned into more deeply. I was also able to have some "ahh" moments when my unanswered questions were finally answered. On that note, I was able to ask some questions I wasn't able to if I hadn't learned about him. The research made me able to look cool in front of my friends by answering their questions and telling them sone untold facts! Thanks Mark Twain, I'm cool now! That is how our previous research helped me have a better time and prepare for the Hannibal field trip!